No anti-cellulite cream really works.
A study in March 2018 of the  Test-Achats magazine proves it. Don't spend money unnecessarily, opt for an effective treatment. 

The Syneron VelaShape uses a combination of advanced technologies to achieve outstanding results in body sculpting. The system uses both infrared light and bipolar radiofrequency in addition to the mechanical action to smooth the appearance of skin by reducing cellulite.
It has been proven effective on a variety of areas including the thighs, abdomen, love handles, buttocks and hips.
This system can treat most areas in less than 45 minutes with virtually no discomfort to the patient
For the most effective treatment, we recommend : 
One session a week for three weeks, then 3 sessions on a one every two weeks basis, then a session every 6 -10 weeks to maintain.
Price list Cellulite
1 session
3 sessions (valid for 6 month) 399€
6 sessions (valid for 12 month)
10 sessions (valid for 18 month)