Definitive laser hair removal: painless and efficient

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Waxing, shaving, tweezing... We are prepared to do a lot to have smooth and soft skin. There are various ways to depilate, but often these methods cause skin irritation with ingrown hairs and red rashes as a result. Fortunately, Skincenters offers the ideal solution: permanent laser hair removal. The treatment to remove body hair in the most annoying places. Painless and efficient!

Why choose permanent laser hair removal?

Do you also consider every shave or painful wax strip as an obstacle? Do you also suffer from hairs that constantly grow in and then inflame? Or do you find it annoying to go swimming because of an extensive bikini line? Then permanent laser hair removal is something for you! This painless treatment provides a great result without damaging the skin.

5 reasons why our clients choose permanent hair removal:

  1. No painful shaving or depilatory wax
  2. No inflamed hair follicles or irritated skin
  3. Time-saving
  4. Less frustration
  5. More self-confidence

Safer, faster with lasting results

At Skincenters, we only use the best technology available in the market today, namely the Clarity II laser from Lutronic. This powerful hair removal laser is suitable for both light and coloured skin. Thanks to the higher power, our specialists can work up to 45% faster and save time for an even more efficient treatment.

Thanks to the IntelliTrak technology, the right amount of energy is always released to remove not only thick hair but also the thinnest and lightest downy hairs. The correct dose of heat ensures that the hair follicle is permanently destroyed. This ensures that all hair types can be treated quickly and efficiently for optimal results.

During the treatment, the Clarity II laser constantly measures the skin temperature. The built-in cooling system blows cold air on the skin, which makes the stings of the laser almost painless. The safety and comfort of our patients of our clients always come first. 

Which body parts can be treated?

Both men and women can come to us for permanent laser hair removal from head to toe. Which one is most suitable for you, we will only discover after a personal meeting. Curious about what zones we offer? Our pricing gives you a good idea of the possibilities.

Permanent laser hair removal at Skincenters

Do you want more information or do you have questions about the number of treatments? Our specialists will be happy to tell you all about permanent hair removal during an intake interview. Here, your wishes will be discussed and we will gladly advise you which laser treatment is most suitable to achieve the desired result. 

Make an appointment now at one of the Skincenters locations by clicking on "Make an appointment" at the bottom right. See you soon!

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