Tattoo removal

A complete tattoo removal with professional equipment in just a maximum of 6 sessions, that's what we go for.

Temporary promotion

UNIQUE: A complete tattoo removal in only 6 sessions. You will continue treatment for FREE if your tattoo is not 100% gone after 6 sessions.


  • Black tattoos only (colored tattoos often require more than 6 sessions)
  • No covert tattoos
  • Our prescribed aftercare is applied
  • Valid only for new customers or at treatment startup
  • Discount not combinable with other ongoing promotions

Our working method

There is a lot of choice regarding centers where you can have a tattoo removed, and even more choice in devices used to do the laser treatment. 

At Skincenters we choose quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, we only work with medically certified equipment (Picoplus laser by Lutronic), with which a tattoo is safely removed 100% in only 6 sessions by our experienced specialists.

Tattoo treatment 2
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