Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal 

Research by Advanced Dermatology shows that 78% regret having one or more tattoos. This can be the case even before the ink in your arm is dry, but it can also take years. Not everyone seems to realise that a tattoo is forever.

We offer the solution…

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(This result is after 4 treatments)

The 4 wavelengths PicoLaser allows tattoo removal of all colors at all depths.
It gives excellent results without long-term scars and works on all skin types and colors.
Sometimes when the pigment concentration is high may form a small wound that can cover a bandage and heal in a few days.

It eliminates ghosting and is less painful than other laser techniques. This is the most advanced technology to date with extremely short pulses; it requires fewer sessions which are shorter (5 to 30 min) and therefore less expensive for the patient.

You must consider 3 to 6 sessions. You must know that it is possible to completely erase your tattoo. Already after a session you will get a very surprising result.

The number of sessions depends on several parameters such as the color or colors making up the tattoo and the reaction of your skin. Age and type of pigment, the density and the fact that the tattoo was done by machine or Bamboo are factors that can have a lot of influence. Finally it is up to you to define how much erasing you feel necessary; in the case of a simple mitigation or preparation for a cover-up, one session is sufficient.
 Sessions are usually spaced 4 to 8 weeks.

There is no problem erasing only a small part of your tattoo.
It is very common to correct errors of the tattoo or removing letter initials.

Each session consists of two phases.
Phase 1 is the PicoLaser treatment and Phase 2 is the "Focused dots" treatment  hat is important to prevent the formation of blisters and scars.
This also allows a much faster regeneration of the skin.

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(This result is after 6 treatments)

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(This result is after 3 treatments)

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Left eyebrow has just been removed with the laser. Right eyebrow is how the permanent make-up was before.

(This result is after 1 treatment)