Acne scars

Acne scars

Acne scar removal

What is an acne scar? "An acne scar is the visible part of a lesion resulting from acne.... Scar tissue is not identical to the tissue it replaces and is usually of inferior functional quality."

Acne scars can be very annoying, especially on the face. Henceforth, it is possible to treat these scars very efficiently with the very latest aesthetic technologies. There are many types of acne scars (pigmented, depigmented, deep, embossed...) that can result from acne. For acne scars, treatment can even be considered during the active period.

What Skincenters offers

What Skincenters offers

Treatment acne scars

Acne scars can be treated in multiple ways and thus using different devices. Depending on various factors, we will consider which treatment option is best in your case.

At Skincenters, the following two technologies are mainly chosen:


This technique consists of destroying the damaged fibers to then stimulate the production of collagen in the acne scar, thus making the scar smoother and less thick. 

Laser treatment:

In laser treatment, a combination of Nd:YAP and an Er:YAG laser is often chosen. By using the two different lasers, we can stimulate collagen production in depth as well as more superficially.

We have other technologies at Skincenters that can also be used depending on the exact indication. Often, besides scarring caused by acne, active acne is also present. We can treat this using medical skin care products. A chemical peel can also be used for this.

Of course, we always create a treatment plan tailored to each client and the exact indication.

Preparation and aftercare

It is not recommended to perform the treatment when you are tanned by sun, self-tanner, spray tan or tanning bed.
The treatment should not be performed during pregnancy and/or period of breastfeeding.

After acne scar treatment, the skin may be somewhat sensitive and/or red. 

We also use a specially developed cream, Laserat, at Skincenters. This cream was developed by a pharmaceutical company and is specifically for after laser treatment. Laserat provides immediate cooling and faster recovery after treatment.


Depending on which treatment is opted for, the price is different. 

Under "Rates" you will find the starting prices.

For a customized treatment plan and exact price per session, you can always book an intake session at one of our centers.


On average, treatment is performed in 3 to 6 sessions, but of course it depends in part on various factors.

A treatment lasts an average of 30 to 60 minutes.

*All other treatments can be booked via the 'make appointment' button at the bottom right. 

Results treatment acne scars

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