Carbon peeling

Carbon peeling

Carbon peel

Looking for a treatment that helps restore the skin and fight the signs of aging? Then a carbon peel, also known as a Hollywood peel, is the ideal treatment for you.
This gentle treatment is possible for most skin types and is the ideal way to get a fresh look quickly. The carbon peel creates even skin, reduces pigmentation, wrinkles and acne scars.

What Skincenters offers

What Skincenters offers


The laser's energy works in two ways. The melanin (pigmentation) in the cells is broken down naturally making the skin more even. Afterwards, the skin heats up in depth which will cause and contraction and collagen stimulation.

The treatment includes the application of a thin layer of carbon lotion on the face, the gentle heating of the carbon lotion and skin, and finally the quick picosecond treatment that helps exfoliate and revitalize your skin.

A slight tingling and warmth sensation may be experienced, the treatment is usually considered not painful. The carbon peeling is a procedure without social loss, daily activities can be resumed immediately.

Preparation and aftercare

No specific preparation is required for the treatment. If possible, we recommend coming to the appointment without makeup.
A mild redness is possible after the treatment. This will normally disappear within a few hours. Afterwards, you can resume your normal care routine at home.   


The Hollywood Peel is a gentle treatment with almost immediately visible results. The treatment is loved by many stars (therefore also called the Hollywood Peel) because of the rapid visible results without social loss. A Carbon Peeling can be repeated after 4 weeks if necessary. 

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Can I have a carbon peel in the summer?

The Carbon Peel treatment can be performed year-round.

Is a carbon peel painful?

The treatment is usually experienced as not painful. At most, you experience a tingling sensation and slight warming of the skin.

Can there be a reaction after a carbon peel?

A carbon peeling is a relatively gentle treatment that does not affect the skin. You can immediately resume your daily activities.

How long does a carbon peel treatment take?

The treatment takes about 60 minutes.

Is a carbon peel treatment reimbursed?

No, in Belgium the treatment is not reimbursed.

What is the price of a carbon peel?

The price for the treatment is €180.

How do I stay informed about treatment results and any promotions?

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