Fat Removal (Cryolipolysis)

Slimming without effort with cryolipolysis

You aren’t the athletic and courageous type? Or you just lack time? We have the solution : With the Z-LIPO from Zimmer Medical, you can literally ‘freeze’ the large and small fat rolls away: thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, love handsles or arms…Get rid of it all in only a few sessions. No needles, no scalpels and therefore no scars. In short, much more attractive than liposuction…

Discover cryolipolysis in this video:


An applicator is placed on the zone to be treated for one hour (2 zones can be treated in the same session). The fat cells are cooled vigorously until they have crystallised and broken down (this is called apoptosis). The broken down fats are then naturally removed by the immune system and its white blood cells over a period of a few weeks (Generally about 12 weeks for the end results). A safe, comfortable and non-invasive treatment that is accessible to almost every type of fat.

And to further improve the results of the Z-LIPO, ask for the Z-WAVE after your session. The Z-WAVE is the alternative to the hand massage that is indispensable after your treatment and speeds up the removal of dead fats. It will give you a firmer and smoother skin thanks to the stimulation of collagen synthesis and will also reduce the orange peel effect. (Can be used on its own to treat cellulite)


Note: the duration and results of treatment may vary from person to person and are therefore only indicative.