Fat removal (HIFU)

What’s HIFU? And what’s this for?

Hifu or High intensity focused ultrasound, as its name explains very well, is a bundle of intense ultrasound waves, which by their highly-targeted power reach a certain depth through the skin into the hypodermis, into your fat to destroy it.

HIFU for the removal of excess fat is especially a good idea when treating small problem areas (arms, hips, abdomen), but not a method for losing weight nor is it a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Hifu can also be used to stimulate collagen, i.e. to improve the elasticity of the skin, and these two can therefore be applied in combo.


The ultrasound waves of the HIFU cause a thermal shock in the fatty tissue. At Skincenters we use the UTIMS HIFU from Korust medical. This device has a hollow centre, which is their patented “Centreless”, which greatly reduces the risk of superficial burns on the skin and pain. The high frequency used for ‘body slimming’ only affects the fat cells and has no negative effect on other elements in the skin such as nerves, lymph nodes and blood vessels.
The fat cells in the hypodermis reach a temperature of at least 57°C. These cells are damaged and are then naturally broken down and removed by the body.
It is a proven and completely safe treatment to get rid of persistent fat at the abdomen, arms, hips and buttocks.