Permanent hair removal

What is laser hair removal?

Tired of the more or less working, traditional hair removal methods? You don’t know what to choose anymore? Hot or cold wax? Or electric anyway? Then opt for laser depilation. But make a well-considered choice for which beauty salon it may do, and with which type of laser … The principle of laser hair removal is simple: a beam of light, with a specific wavelength, eradicates the hairs with their roots by destroying the melanin. The power of the laser per cm2 plays an important role. This is essential for efficient hair removal. The hair removal itself happens in several turns, because hairs have a different life cycle. However, the result can be spectacular after only a few turns.

The best equipment on the market

At Skincenters, we use the best technology available on the market today. Bruno D’hont’s technical know-how in the field of beauty treatment equipment determined the choice of Lutronic’s Clarity II and Medi-Invest’s Tryptique. In Belgium, you rarely come across these devices.

Thanks to its power, its speed and its comfort, thanks to the brand new INTELLITRAK technology, the Clarity II gives you a totally new laser hair removal experience. By the way, this laser is capable of removing the thinnest and lightest down hairs.

Discover the Clarity II technology here:

Thanks to its 3 built-in wavelengths, the Tryptique gives its competitors the edge. Its wide range of application allows optimal results on all skin types. In addition, the built-in cooling provides exceptional comfort and safety. In fact, our patients usually experience an almost painless treatment. So don’t wait any longer to discover this form of hair removal!

Note: the duration and results of a treatment can vary from person to person and are therefore only indicative.