HIFU treatment

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. This treatment works using ultrasound. The energy released during a HIFU treatment boosts collagen production.

As a result, the skin is lifted & firmed. 

The following areas can be treated by HIFU:

  • Jawline
  • Eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Double chin
  • Neck & cleavage
  • Arms

The treatment is a great alternative if you do not feel like surgery and the recovery time involved. This is because a HIFU treatment has minimal downtime & therefore causes no scarring either.

What Skincenters offers

What Skincenters offers


We will work at 3 different depths in the skin during a HIFU treatment. Here we can reach the so-called SMAS layer. This is the depth at which surgeons also work during a facelift. A heat of more than 65° Celsius is created by means of Ultrasound, which stimulates collagen production. 

The combination of this heat with the depth at which we work makes the HIFU treatment so effective.

Preparation and aftercare

HIFU is a non-invasive treatment with minimal downtime. Thus, no specific preparation is required.
If possible, we ask that you come to your appointment without makeup. It is also best not to apply self-tanner or spray tan to the area to be treated.

Maximum results are achieved 2 to 3 months after the HIFU procedure. The stimulation of collagen production can persist even up to 6 months after the treatment. 

There is minimal downtime after the treatment, although the skin may be temporarily more sensitive. 


  • Face (full) € 250
  • Cheeks € 180
  • Neck € 200
  • Cheeks + neck € 300
  • Décolleté € 200
  • Belly € 500
  • Upper arms (both) € 300
  • Upper legs (both) € 600


The number of sessions depends on several factors. On average, 1 to 3 sessions are needed for optimal results. The treatment can be repeated after 6 weeks.

For a customized treatment plan, you can always book an intake at one of our centers.

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What results can I expect from a HIFU treatment?

The result is tighter, smoother and lifted skin as collagen production is stimulated. 

Maximum results are visible after 2-3 months.

Is the result of a HIFU treatment permanent?

No. The treatment stimulates collagen production and thus slows down the aging process. How long the result remains visible depends on factors such as age and lifestyle.

Is a HIFU treatment painful?

The sensation during a HIFU treatment is often experienced as a kind of heat stimulation and thus can be somewhat sensitive.

Can a HIFU treatment be performed in the summer?

HIFU treatment can be performed throughout the year due to minimal downtime.

What reaction may occur after HIFU treatment?

The skin may be a little more sensitive shortly after treatment. However, this usually disappears quickly and so you can resume your daily activities almost immediately.