Laser Hair Removal

Stop navigating between the electric epilator that hurts, the expensive beautician , the ineffective depilatory cream , the hot wax that's always too hot ... and finally finish with the hairs: that is the promise of the laser hair removal . The dream of many women (and an increasing amount of men) to remove permanently any hair is now possible thanks to this technique.

For all types of hair, except ...

Laser hair removal has unparalleled reliability and Amazing Results : All hairy body areas, even the most extensive ones such as the torso or back, can be treated. If the best results are obtained on people with dark hairs, thick skin and light skin, laser hair removal can be effective on all types of hair, with the exception of white hairs that can not be treated in any way. If it is common to talk about permanent hair removal because the technique allows you to destroy the hair, it is better to talk about "long-term" hair removal. It remains possible during life that various factors, including hormonal, can promote the regrowth of a duvet even in places visited by the laser .

Question of wavelength ...

The principle of laser hair removal is to emit a fine light whose wavelength targets melanin which is one of the constituents of the hair. The laser light will damage the hair follicle and impair its ability to make a hair. A session of hair removal lasts between 5 minutes for small areas like the lips , and up to 50 minutes for a thigh or back. Laser treatment gives tingling and mild burning sensations . Sensitive people then may choose to apply anesthetic cream before hair removal. At the end of the session, the patient will temporarily have a pinkish color on the treated area and will feel the same sensations as a sunburn for one to two days after hair removal.

Our manager takes care of each patient during the first consultation, it verifies that all conditions are met so that the laser hair removal is effective and does not present a risk. It performs tests on the areas of the skin to be dehaired to detect any allergies.
In its choice of fluence, the operator is confronted with two contradictory objectives: to be effective by using high fluences and to avoid excessive heating of the skin. A skilled and experienced operator will be able to process at the highest possible fluence for the best efficiency and lasting satisfaction.
For this, the operator will analyze the skin type (phototype) and observe the skin reactions (crackling of the hair, retraction, expulsion of the root, erythemato-papular reaction, etc ...) to adjust the closest to the tolerated dose. All these acts make it possible to personalize the protocol of care.

To know that ...
Our laser hair removal system is effective on any type of skin and all the colors of hair

Clear skin and dark hairs provide the ideal context and conditions for laser hair removal but thanks to our system that combines Laser diodes at 810 nm, 1064 nm (Ndyag) and 755 nm (alexandrite) we also manage to remove clear or red hairs
Only, the hairs in phase of growth will be destroyed, so it takes 3 to 6 sessions carried out during the duration of a hair cycle (12 to 18 months) to obtain an almost total disappearance.

Laser Hair Removal - Women
Eyebrows 50€
Lower or upper lip 40€
Chin 50€
Face 90€
Small areas (nipples) 40€
Arms 100€
Forearms 75€
Armpits 50€
Simple bikini 75€
Low-cut Bikini 100€
Brazilian bikini 150€
Integral bikini 180€
Belly 100€
Buttocks 75€
Half legs 150€
Full legs 270€
Fingers or toes 40€
Feet or hands 50€

2 Zones : -10%
3 Zones : -20%
4 Zones : -30%

Laser Hair Removal - Men  
Between the eyebrows 30€
Eyebrows 40€
Ear lobe 30€
Full beard 120€
1/2 beard 75€
Neck 75€
Necklace 50€
Necklace and shoulders 90€
Back (full) 200€
Shoulders and shoulder blades 100€
Armpits 75€
Arms 100€
Forearm 75€
Small areas (nipples) 40€
Half legs 150€
Full legs 270€
Fingers or toes 40€
Feet or hands 50€
Chest 100€
Chest and stomach 200€
Lower abdomen 100€
Head 225€