Wat is acne anyway?

Acne is an inflammation. An inflammation of the sebaceous glands. That inflammation causes blackheads and different sorts of pimples. Acne mainly occurs where there are many sebaceous glands, such as on the back and face.

It mainly occurs during puberty, acne is a hormonal disorder, but adults can also suffer from it. It is a harmless condition, but can be cosmetically very disturbing and sometimes lead to uncertainty and even depression.

When subsiding, acne will often leave red discoloration that can linger for a while. This is a sign that the skin is recovering. Often you won’t get a scar. Scars mainly occur in the most serious forms of the condition. Scars can also be caused by squeezing out pimples. You will damage the skin and make the inflammation worse. Leave pimples alone as much as possible!

From now on it is possible to treat acne and acne scars very efficiently with the latest aesthetic technologies. However, there are many types of scars (pigmented, depigmented, deep, embossed, etc.) For acne scars, the treatment can even be carried out during the acne period.

Having a scar can be very embarrassing, especially on the face. It is now possible to treat these scars and acne flare-ups very effectively with the latest cosmetic technologies. However, there are many types of scars (pigmented, depigmented, sunken, raised, etc.) and for acne scars, treatment can even be considered during the acne period.


The reference treatment for scarring is based on fractional radio frequency. The technique consists of destroying the damaged fibres and then stimulating the production of new collagen in the scar in order to make the scar smoother and less thick. To do this, applicators equipped with microneedles are used to treat the areas in depth and ensure the best possible results. The treatment is carried out in 3 to 6 sessions of 30 to 60 minutes. Secondly, other technologies can be used, such as the Laser, and more specifically a combination of an ND:Yap and an ER:Yag laser: The first go deep inside the skin to stimulate the production of collagen while the Erbium laser will puncture the epidermis to cause both a collagen stimulation and a skin renewal. Hydrodermabrasion and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) are used to further improve the aesthetic results.


Here are examples of results achieved with these technologies on some patients.