Cryolipolysis treatment explained


What is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis, also known as fat freezing, is the method of destroying fat cells through cold. Zimmer's Z Lipo device provides controlled cooling of the body part causing apoptosis (cell destruction), of the fat cells. Since only the fat tissue responds to a cold application, and the treatment does not damage the surrounding tissue, it is a safe and non-invasive procedure with no side effects. This is in contrast to surgery.

How does a cryolipolysis treatment proceed?

An applicator is placed on the area to be treated for one hour. 2 zones can be treated in the same session. The fat cells are severely cooled until they are crystallized and destroyed. Complete breakdown and removal of the fat cells naturally through the lymphatic system is completed after about 10 - 12 weeks. A safe, comfortable and non-invasive treatment accessible to all.

What results can I expect from a cryolipolysis treatment?

After treatment, the body needs time to further break down and remove the fat cells through the lymphatic system. This process can take up to 12 weeks. After this, a fat reduction of 20 to 30% can be achieved on the treated area.

Who is cryolipolysis treatment for?

Cryolipolysis is suitable for both women and men who suffer from stubborn fat deposits that do not disappear despite a healthy lifestyle. It is an ideal and safe alternative to invasive surgical treatment (liposuction). It can be applied for fat reduction on the abdomen, hips, waist, thighs and buttocks.

Side effects cryolipolysis treatment

Treatment side effects are usually minimal; some redness may occur just after treatment. Rarely, bruising may occur.

DOUBLE RESULTS: To further enhance the results of the Z LIPO, we use the Z WavePro (shockwave). Studies and field reports have shown that the intensive, non-painful shockwave treatment after Cryolipolysis™ not only provides better and faster fat reduction, but also stimulates lymphatic drainage and tightens the skin. Thanks to collagen stimulation, the orange peel effect will also decrease.

Feel free to stop by for a free intake if you are unsure if cryolipolysis is right for your specific indication.

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