Couperose - Rosacea

Couperose - Rosacea

Couperose laser treatment

Redness in the face is common. Many people also find it disturbing. There are different types and forms of redness. The most common are rosacea, rosacea, and spider naevi. These best-known conditions briefly explained:
Couperose is a skin condition that usually manifests itself on the face and/or décolleté in the form of dilated red and/or blue blood vessels. It usually occurs in people with fair skin and from the age of 30.
Rosacea and rosacea are two very similar conditions. However, in rosacea, pimples and/or small inflammations in the face also occur.

What Skincenters offers

What Skincenters offers


For laser treatment, we usually work with Lutronic's Clarity II. This laser works with a high intensity & by means of heat. This heat is absorbed by the dilated vessels causing controlled damage and the body clears them itself.
During treatment, a brief intense heat may be experienced on the area being lasered. Redness, swelling and/or a heat sensation in the first few days after treatment are normal reactions.
Often the combination of laser treatment and products is recommended for achieving quick and optimal results.

In addition to rosacea and rosacea, the following indications can also be treated with our lasers:

  • Cherry angiomas
  • Redness after acne
  • Facial flushing
  • Venous Lake

There are different ways to treat these conditions. At Skincenters, we always provide a customized treatment programme based on laser treatment and/or cosmeceuticals.

clarity 2 device from lutronic

Preparation and aftercare

It is not recommended to do the treatment when you are tanned by sun, self-tanner, spray tan or tanning bed.
The treatment should not be performed during pregnancy and/or period of breastfeeding.

After treatment, there is a reaction of the skin which manifests as redness or slight swelling,. For this we at Skincenters use Laserat cream developed by a pharmaceutical company especially for after laser treatments. Laserat provides immediate cooling and faster recovery after the treatment.

After treatment, sun exposure should be avoided and application of SPF50 is necessary. Thus, baths, sauna and infrared are not recommended during the recovery period.


clarity 2 device from lutronic


You can always book an intake at one of our centers for a customized treatment plan.


Depending on the exact indication and intensity of the redness, more or fewer sessions are needed. For rosacea and rosacea, we see that an average of 1 to 3 sessions are needed.

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Is treatment for rosacea painful?

During treatment, we use cold air to minimize discomfort. The treatment is usually perceived as not painful.

How many treatments are needed for rosacea?

Depending on the severity, 1 - 3 treatments are needed for optimal results.

What reaction can I expect after laser treatment for rosacea?

After treatment, the skin may be red and sensitive. The treated veins often take on a grayish color. After +/- one week the treated veins are cleared by the body and thus disappear.

Is the result final?

In blood vessel treatment, we are going to treat the superficial veins. If the condition is very severe, a new treatment may be needed after several years.

Can rosacea or rosacea be treated in the summer?

Treatment can be performed in the summer, but this is not usually recommended. It is important to avoid contact with sun 2 to 4 weeks before and after the treatment. A sunscreen with factor 50 is therefore necessary after the treatment.

What is the aftercare for laser treatment for rosacea?

We recommend using Laserat cream afterwards to reduce the possible post-treatment reaction.

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