Have you decided to get rid of your tattoo? Fortunately, there are now solutions to efficiently remove a tattoo. These treatments can make your old tattoos fade or remove them completely. Small tattoos with little color are of course easier to treat. Recent tattoos that are large and have a lot of color need longer treatment. The type of ink originally used is also important.


The tattoo is removed using laser technology and more specifically a picosecond Nd: YAG laser, also called picolaser. The laser beam will allow to destroy the pigments by following the drawing. The energy used is of such a short duration that the skin itself is not affected, which gives good results without damage to the dermis and without scars. The cosmetic ink treatment requires an average of 3 to 7 sessions of 5 to 30 minutes.

Secondly, other technologies, such as dermabrasion and radio frequency, can be used to improve aesthetic results.

Discover here how our Picoplus from Lutronic works:


Here are examples of results achieved with these technologies in some patients