Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite removal

Cellulite is common and therefore a normal appearance. Women suffer from it more often than men. It can be experienced as disturbing, but at Skincenters we can treat cellulite with the ReModel device. Using radio frequency, combined with connective tissue massage and infrared light, we tackle cellulite. Where the radiofrequency will provide collagen stimulation within the skin, the connective tissue massage will loosen adhesions. 

What Skincenters offers

What Skincenters offers

Cellulite Treatment

Depending on which area you want to treat, the treatment takes 30 to 90 minutes. The treatment is performed manually by us. A lotion is applied, then several passes are performed using the different functions of the device.

To further enhance the results of cellulite treatment, a combination with the Z WavePro (shockwave) may be required. Studies and field reports have shown that the intensive, non-painful shockwave treatment not only improves and accelerates fat reduction, but also stimulates lymphatic drainage and tightens the skin. Thanks to collagen stimulation, the orange peel effect will also decrease.

Preparation and aftercare

 No specific preparation is required with this treatment.

However, we do ask that you do not apply any body lotion to the area to be treated before coming to the appointment.

The skin may be sensitive for 2-3 days after treatment. Small bruises may also occur.

We recommend drinking plenty of water for 24h after treatment.


Cellulite treatment prices

  • Powershape abdomen € 120
  • Powershape abdomen (12 sessions) € 1.200
  • Powershape upper arms € 89
  • Powershape upper arms (12 sessions) € 890
  • Powershape thighs € 185
  • Powershape upper legs (12 sessions) € 1.850


The number of sessions depends on several factors. We recommend multiple sessions (package of 12 sessions) for optimal results.

For a customized treatment plan, you can always schedule an intake booked at one of our centers.

*All other treatments can be booked via the 'make appointment' button at the bottom right. 


What sets Skincenters apart from other centers in the treatment of cellulite?

At Skincenters, we always have the latest technologies at our disposal. For example, our ReModel device is an updated technology of the well-known LPG treatments. By combining radio frequency with connective tissue massage and infrared light, it is possible to loosen adhesions and significantly improve new collagen formation.

Is the result of cellulite treatment permanent?

The result depends on the severity of the cellulite. Several sessions are always needed to achieve the desired result. The treatment should also be repeated on a regular basis.

Is cellulite treatment painful?

The treatment can be somewhat sensitive, but is not usually considered painful.

How many sessions are required for a cellulite treatment?

The number of sessions depends on several factors. On average, at least 5 treatments are needed for optimal effect.

What is the price for cellulite treatment?

The price depends on the zone and can be found under "rates" on our website

Can the treatment be performed on both women and men?

Yes, the treatment is performed on both men and women.