Laser hair removal: diode laser vs Fiber laser


Laser hair removal is a popular method of removing unwanted hair. There are several types of lasers available, including fiber lasers and diode lasers. Diode lasers have until now been considered the "gold standard" for laser hair removal, but the powerful fiber lasers are becoming increasingly popular. Consequently, there are some important differences between these two technologies. We are happy to explain these to you in the blog below.

Diode VS Fiber

  • Wavelength

One of the main differences between a fiber laser and a diode laser is the wavelength used. A diode laser uses only one wavelength (i.e. 810nm), whereas a fiber laser uses two wavelengths (alexandrite & ndyag). This can offer advantages in treating deeper hair follicles and thick hairs, as well as allowing any skin type to be treated better.

  • Force

A fiber laser is 45% more powerful than a diode laser. This is because the energy is generated in the device itself and not in the handpiece as with diode lasers. The wattage is also important here; the Clarity 2 fiber laser has an output of as much as 4800W. A diode laser has an average wattage of 1200W. You might think that a more powerful laser is less safe, but nothing could be further from the truth. The short pulse and cooling system of a fiber laser ensure that the skin heats up even less, and thus there is less risk of injuries than with a diode laser.

  • Comfort

A fiber laser, such as the Clarity2, works with a smaller and more concentrated beam of light. This allows the light to be specifically focused on the hair follicles, thus heating up the surrounding skin less than with a diode laser. This results in less pain and discomfort during treatment.

In addition, unlike some diode lasers, the Clarity2 also works with a cooling system. This system cools the skin during treatment, which reduces pain and improves patient comfort.

Moreover, the practitioner can also adjust the parameters and thus the intensity of the laser based on skin tone & specific hair type. This can make the treatment even more comfortable for the patient.

  • Built-in temperature measurement

The Clarity 2 fiber laser has a special feature called "real time temperature sensing." This is a sensor located in the handpiece of the fiber laser that constantly measures the temperature of the skin during treatment. If this temperature becomes too high, the laser automatically adjusts the energy so that the skin cannot be damaged. This makes the treatment less painful and therefore more comfortable for the patient.

Fiber laser for the win

The fiber laser is gaining popularity; in any case, we have been fans of the device we work with for quite some time. Why? In a nutshell, a fiber laser is more powerful, more efficient AND at the same time safer and less painful for the patient.

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